BREAKING: Mayor Zimmer announces City wins legal case to buy Southwest One Acre Park

BREAKING: At the campaign launch tonight at Little Town, Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced the City won the right to purchase the one acre of land in the southwest.

The victory means a years long fight and reason for entering Hoboken politics by Mayor Zimmer will be another win for Hoboken as the City enters a full blown election.

A crowd of 125 greeted the news with thunderous applause.

Mayor Zimmer thanked Freeholder Anthony Romano who aided the process reprogramming a $3 million county grant directed to the cost of Hoboken’s first Southwest Park.

Romano was in attendance to receive the mayor’s thanks.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer with her council slate team Jim Doyle, Ravi Bhalla and Dave Mello.

Posted at full gallop from Little Town.

Correction: The County grant is $3 million not $2 million as posted at full gallop at the event last night.
The cost for the purchase is under $3 million so some funds will be available for a park design.

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