Pretty Babies rocking Blondie’s hits at Hoboken Arts & Music Festival

“Call Me”

“Heart of Glass”

The seminal punk rock hit album “Parallel Lines,” made Blondie and its lead singer Debbie Harry international icons of attitude in punk’s “new wave” scene and yesterday’s tribute band “Pretty Babies,” featured a toughened up sound making it an iconic look back on lower Washington Street yesterday afternoon.

The landmark 1978 album on Chrysalis records is a masterpiece of time and era. Sadly, Da Horsey did not get there in time and was disappointed to miss some of the well known cuts on the album.  The heavy fat sound of the lead guitarist was probably sweet on “One Way or Another.”

Somehow it didn’t seem right that the Pretty Babies didn’t play “Pretty Baby.” Based on the crowd reaction, they could have played longer too.  Still they brought lots of attitude good chops and some actual entertaining banter from lead singer Tammy Faye Starlite.

MSV found the lead ax babe and drummer to be especially dynamic. It was a rocking good time and they are definitely worth seeing.

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