Franz Paetzold, 2nd ward council candidate

From the desk of Franz Paetzold

My name is Franz Paetzold. I am running for Hoboken City Council, 2nd Ward.

I am independent, not connected to any town politician and not accepting assistance from anyone if it comes with the expectation of political pay-back.

Throughout my campaign I have focused on the issues that affect our town. Among other things, I believe we need to maintain a 5% budget surplus; use benchmarking towards reducing personnel costs; reform our elections process; consider all options to resolve our parking problems; have the Council make responsible development decisions; and take a serious look at our rent control problems.

I may criticize other candidates; however, I have never slung mud or called people names. I have not used blog sites to launch character assassinations. And I have always respected the voice of political opposition.

In short, I have run a campaign without hurting anyone. I have talked about the issues in a way that is honest, direct and devoid of ulterior motive. And I have met many people who would like to see good change in City Hall.

Join me on May 10th, and together we can take the first step towards taking back our town.

Franz Paetzold
Candidate for the 2nd Ward

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