Sign of the Times: Beth Mason’s missing ELEC

Wonder how much Beth Mason’s spending on her campaign and others?  No figures are available but her self-announced pride in money laundering to Tim Occhipinti of $13,000 and perhaps as much as $15-20,000 means it’s going to be a mighty sum.  (Legal contributions from individuals is $2,600 maximum but Mason used a loophole to route far more via her 2007 campaign committee.)

MSV requested comment for publication on the matter of Beth Mason not complying with the law and filing any financial data with NJ ELEC from POG (People for Open Govenment).  In a series of emails yesterday current President Alice Crozier said time was needed to study them later this week, then later emailed saying “instant comment,” was not possible.

When more time was offered with a question as to when a comment would be possible, an email stated a terse flat out rejection, “You do your thing, I do mine.”

Finally, here’s a statement on the influence of money from POG’s own mission statement:

That in a nutshell is the exact problem Hoboken has now with Beth Mason as she flouts the law and is out of compliance with both the State and City of Hoboken reporting requirement on her expenditures not only in the 2nd ward but all over town.

An equal concern is how much of her money will be used in vote-by-mail schemes.

Talking Ed Note:  Hold up a blank piece of paper in front of you and ask, how long do you need to study it? 

Graphic: Courtesy of Grafix Avenger

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