Pier C this summer: It ain’t over till it’s over

Pier C is in the news recently and in this case, it wasn’t good news to hear the announced July 1 opening date would not be met in time for the summer. Yesterday, Mayor Dawn Zimmer was joined by other city officials, parents and a flock of children to do a dry run on the site and give a first hand try out to the equipment.

Both Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Director of Environmental Services Director Jennifer Wenson Maier expressed optimism summer use of the new pier would not be lost. There was little doubt on the vote from the kids yesterday. On a picture perfect day, they took to the various equipment like fish to water.

The delays are the result of a third party contractor seeking some advance payments in order to complete manufacturing of components for the fencing. Mayor Zimmer indicated the city had made payment arrangements in order to expedite the process and eliminate the bottleneck. Even so, there’s going to be some delay from the originally scheduled July 1 announced opening date. Based on a separate conversation with Director Maier, a launch time in August may still salvage summer use.

A child gives the new slide a tryout
Children took a spin on this contraption as Councilwoman Beth Mason was joined by Director Jennifer Wenson Maier in giving them a spin.

Director Leo Pellegrini of Health and Human Services escorted some children on to Pier C
Baton down the hatches!  Children piled on as Councilman Michael Lenz and Mayor Zimmer got help to give a spin to this filled to capacity ride.

Defining button down – Mayor Zimmer tests the new slide herself neither removing her jacket or unbuttoning it.

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