Former Mason campaign manager: Walk the walk Beth

The Hudson Reporter posted an article on a letter submitted to their letters section from Councilwoman Beth Mason’s former campaign manager Jake Stuiver questioning her actions on public discourse and erroneous statements regarding using funds from a proposed bond ordinance to move the Municipal Garage.

In addition, the letter the former campaign manager in the Mason for Mayor campaign last spring spells out a number of problematic inconsistencies in the councilwoman’s actions in poisoning the environment of any voices counter to hers:
Further exacerbating the ugliness of our political environment is Ms. Mason’s penchant for issuing misleading statements about her council colleagues and many important issues. For example, her statements about the municipal garage have been designed to scare people into thinking it might get moved to Eighth and Hudson Streets, when she knows full well that the bond ordinance has nothing to do with moving it anywhere, and in fact the money cannot be used to do so. Publicly attacking Council President Peter Cunningham’s wife — while the Cunninghams were away attending her mother’s funeral, no less — was also unfortunate.

HHA commissioner Jake Stuiver at the special City Council meeting Sunday.

Read the whole letter at the Hudson Reporter.  

A reader notes the whole Hudson Reporter site is down.  Until it gets back you can read the whole letter here at the jump below.  Update: The Hudson Reporter is back up so MSV has removed the letter other than the excerpt above.

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