Guest of the Stable: Vijay Chaudhuri

Congratulations are in order to Councilman Ravi Bhalla on being elected as the new Chairman of the Hoboken Democratic Party. At a time where we need leadership in the Democratic Party – nationally and locally – more than ever, Councilman Bhalla is the ideal candidate for the post.

Ravi was an integral part in recruiting new, common sense residents to run for local district committee spots. As someone who was recruited to run by Councilman Bhalla, I witnessed first hand his determination to find and work with local leaders who will actually make a difference in the community. Other township and county Democratic leaders should take notice of Ravi’s willingness to reach out to new, everyday people to get involved in the Democratic process.

One attribute Councilman Bhalla brings to the table is his ability to set aside politics for the betterment of our city. I don’t need to tell readers that politics is often times a bitter sport here in Hoboken. At council meetings when certain elected officials and residents use their time to throw political punches, Ravi takes time to provide well thought out analysis and suggestions on issues that affect Hoboken.

Instead of continuing down the path of destructive politics that has consumed Hoboken, let’s unite behind leaders like Councilman Bhalla and work towards creating a better Democratic Party and a better Democratic process for all. Once again, congratulations to Ravi on being elected the new Chairman of the Hoboken Democratic Party.

Talking Ed Note: Vijay is a new Hoboken Democratic Committeeman for the 1st Ward in the seventh district.

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