Philly almost done with their magical ballot manufacturing

Earlier today, well-placed sources indicated the Pennsylvania tabulations showed 92% of the votes had been counted  but then something unusual occurred.

Suddenly the vote count was wound back to 88% as more ballots were added into the outstanding total.

Which led to this announcement from the Democrat-PA machine:

Philly, with its notorious history of election theft is about to join Milwaukee and Detroit with the magical ballot outcomes.

Talking Ed Note: Politico reports that the Democrat officials are privately telling the Biden campaign he will have a six-figure lead when they are completed with their “work.”

Why would they be telling the Biden campaign anything? In addition, poll watchers from the Republican Party have been blocked even as a Pennsylvania judge ruled they must be allowed to observe the ballot counting.

An earlier report the Pennsylvania Supreme Court suggested the earlier court order allowing access for election observers was reversed. The PA SCOTUS then announced no such order was given. However, the election observers are being blocked anyway by Democrat Pennsylvania officials. The Philadelphia Sheriff is not enforcing the PA Appellate Court order. 

NBC reported that Philadelphia officials would shut down any ballot counting if ANY Republican election observers were brought inside the room. Why would they need to shut down counting again?

Once again, there is no transparency on the democratic voting process; only more skullduggery. 

Days after the election, a midnight stop and then a restart, the Democrat-controlled Pennsylvania Machine will trot out an announcement Joe Biden is the winner.

All of the Democrat media with Big Tech will celebrate the Joe Biden “victory” and say President Donald Trump must concede. Even as there’s outstanding litigation in Michigan and Pennsylvania and a recount set for Wisconsin?

Anyone want to bet otherwise?

Update: 5:15 – Pennsylvania reports 98% of the vote is tallied and PRESIDENT TRUMP MAINTAINS A LEAD but Democrat officials refuse to follow the Pennsylvania Appellate Order to allow election observers boding bad results in that outstanding two-percent.

Arizona results will not be announced but President Trump continues to cut the deficit. 

More on those Biden campaign anomalies. It’ll take quite the wizard to fix this:

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