Illustrating an election spike analomy, past and present

Here’s a visual illustration the magical 100K ballot dumps in Wisconsin and Michigan. The “anomaly” is comparable to a similar instance first reported here in Hoboken’s 2010 fourth ward council election. 

The spike of Vote by Mail (VBM) in that Hoboken election was a glaring spike compared to VBM votes across the entirety of Hudson County.

Now here’s a similar illustration of the spikes from both the oddly isolated middle of the night 100K+ ballot dumps showing up out of Detroit, Michigan and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Note, this did not occur in any other Democrat-controlled states outside of these battleground states. There’s more empirical data illustrative on all this but we’ll limit it to this for the moment. 

Talking Ed Note: An added element comes from commenter zomborgland who offered:

Thank you Horsey for the inside scoop on what’s really going on as gleaned from your vast and highly informed investigative sources. As usual, objective journalism par excellence! 

One question though. Wisconsin allows new voters to to register up to and including on election day. Obviously, that would render old voter registration information obsolete. I’m sure your sources have explained that and you are referring to final voter registration figures as of the close of the polls on Nov. 3rd right? Because I know you would never mislead people with dated inaccurate voter registration figures, would you?

You’re very welcome zl and I’m happy to share the evidence accumulating on the “anomaly” coming out of these Democrat cities in the dead of night that spiked the election totals. I take no credit however for the Milwaukee Wire which broke the story and is credited with the citation.

If you think same-day registrations account for the spike, I would welcome your statistical data showing such. You’ll have difficulty in doing so but please feel free to explain why we didn’t see any similar spikes in any other Democrat cities. That’s quite a battleground state anomaly!

Also feel free to compare the turnouts in those cities with the magical ballot spikes across all other urban areas in 2020 and versus 2016.    

Your better bet would be to come up with a legal argument along the lines of “once inserted, magical ballots can never be removed” versus the statistically blatant obvious. A recount in Wisconsin is certain and a manual recount will be fascinating.

Thank you very much zl. 

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