Horse Sense: “Behold the Steal!”

After several days, the writing on the wall for the biggest fraud perpetrated on the American people in an election is now a fait acompli.

Or so they think.

According to Big Tech, the corporate Dem Media and Democrats beholden to the massive blatant fraud witnessed in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, the 2020 election is over.

From the same people who brought you the Russia Collusion Hoax. 

As some may recall, there was never any evidence to support that hoax, not then, not now. Nor was there any criminal predicate for the massive spying on Donald Trump (and other candidates not fully listed). 

But don’t you dare question the 4:30 am 100K plus injections of votes overturning states nor the illegal actions leading in and seen after where the law was ruthlessly broken to allow the effort to “Complete the Steal” behind closed doors.

Should you dare to oppose the blatant election theft, you will be censored, as President Trump was in recent days and last night when his remarks addressing the nation were simply cut off by most major networks. Then they simply twist what he said and lie about it. 

The Soviets could not have executed such a plan so obvious in plain sight.

After three days, Democrat officials in Pennsylvania after publicly urinating on a state Appellate Court Order to stop blocking election observers; now proclaim Joe Biden the winner. This is what Third World banana republics are made of.

The Democrat media, Big Tech and all the rest are proud to join in and you know the rest.

This is the most dangerous time in this country’s history where totalitarian action and mind control demands nothing but your obedience.

Listen to the howls of those who celebrate the fraud, the censorship and the totalitarian fist.

These are not democrats, in any letter, large or small. These are criminals. 

Nothing is over. Nothing. 

The American people must now decide, and act. The law must too but has been overtaken and seen in recent years as feckless, corrupt and worse.

That’s not a point to any one aspect. Not to the Biden Crime Family, and the revelations of millions pocketed from Russian Putin connected oligarchs, or Ukraine energy companies or the Chinese Communists and their intel agencies who worked directly with the Bidens to compromise them, permanently.

This is far bigger. 

And it’s far from over.

Behold the tool of your destruction and Constitutional freedom

Talking Ed Note: Here is Attorney General Bill Barr in September who in complete untypical fashion, exhibited emotion and concern like never seen before. 

He warned about the application of reckless Vote by Mail and the ensuing problems that would occur.

Of course, this was all intentional. It was planned. It was demanded. Nancy Pelosi made that plain.

None of this is going away.


This Horse Sense editorial is dedicated to the US Constitution and all those who gave their lifeblood and their very lives in its creation and preservation. 

May the fifth column within meet their justifiable damnation.  

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