Peter Cammarano to have hearing on regaining law license

For many months a rumor has been circulating on two fronts regarding Peter Cammarano, the former mayor and convicted felon who took $25,000 in bribes for zoning variances from federal informant Solomon Dwek.

His arrest, conviction and prison sentence may be all behind him as in two weeks, a hearing will be held to consider changing his suspended law license and allow him to be a NJ practicing attorney again.

The first rumor had been he had not been disbarred by the NJ but only had his license suspended after his arrest and conviction. The second rumor heard going back to last summer said he was going to get his law license back.

Both appear to be true.

Terence McDonald at The Jersey Journal filed this report saying in part:

Peter Cammarano is likely to get his license back to practice law according to a Jersey Journal story.
Last summer he attended his block party and the rumors were already circulating it could happen.

Talking Ed Note: They don’t call this the Soprano State for nothing.

Last night at the City Council, in another legal matter, the City Council easily approved the resolution allowing land use attorney Joseph Mariziti to respond to a subpoena from the US Attorneys Office on SandyGate.

Related: MSV exclusively reported Peter Cammarano’s early release back in March 2012 in this story: “Look out Hoboken: the Old Guard welcomes back Peter Cammarano.”

The Jersey Journal has a poll up asking if Peter Cammarano should be disbarred:

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