Sign of the Times: New Jersey Appleseed honored in Hoboken

A surprise guest appeared among the dozens turning out to thank Renee Steinhagen and New Jersey Appleseed, the Public Interest Law Center where she’s a lawyer in her efforts at trial last February to prevent hundreds of Vote by Mail ballots being reintroduced back into the certified vote results.

Mayor Zimmer arrived and delivered impromptu remarks thanking Ms. Steinhagen for her stellar efforts in working for voter integrity in Hoboken. That legal effort was pivotal in upholding the hard fought razor thin rent control ballot question in last November’s election.

But the event’s focus tied to Hoboken’s plague of vote inconsistencies surrounding the abusive application of Vote by Mail, especially the systematic exploitation of its Hoboken Housing Authority residents.

Ms. Steinhagen detailed what she learned by way of witness testimony and the players re: soldiers, who carry out the anti-democratic mission statement undermining the integrity of Hoboken elections.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer addressed dozens in attendance who turned out to
thank Renee Steinhagen of NJ Appleseed for her efforts in the trial upholding voting integrity. 

The event was hosted at the home of Joe and Jen Giattino, who serves as the Hoboken City Council President.

A strong Reform crowd: Democrats, Republicans and independents turned out to thank Ms. Steinhagen and contribute to New Jersey Appleseed’s effort’s where one of its main tenets in its mission statement is Election Process Reform.

Since the success at trial where hundreds of questionable Vote by Mail ballots were kept out of the final tabulations, Ms. Steinhagen is forging ahead pushing forward new reforms with New Jersey’s legislative services branch to end the practice whereby hundreds of Vote by Mail ballots can be collected, filled out and delivered by messenger to NJ county board of elections.

There’s no Vote by Mail whatsoever in that process.

In Hoboken, its been a historical plague as documented in elections escalating dramatically since the fourth ward special election back in 2010.

Talking Ed Note: A major corner may be turning in Hoboken but there’s additional work required to change New Jersey’s overly expansive Vote by Mail culture where abuse and fraud are too easily rendered.

You can make a big impact in these legislative efforts helping protect voter integrity and voter’s rights not only in Hoboken but all of New Jersey.

You can specify how you want your contribution to be applied by filling in on the designation line: NJ Vote Reform efforts.

Please kindly consider extending support and thanking Renee Steinhagen for her kind support for Hoboken and NJ.

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