NJ Spotlight on Hoboken with resolution allowing attorney to answer federal subpoena weighing in the SandyGate balance

You wouldn’t know it but tonight’s City Council meeting will be a State of New Jersey affair. In the balance is a resolution to waive attorney-client privilege of the City’s land use attorney.

A subpoena from the US Attorneys Office is waiting.

Passage of the resolution tonight means Attorney Joseph Mariziti is authorized to waive the attorney-client protection, respond to the federal subpoena and answer questions posed by a US Attorney on his conversation with Mayor Dawn Zimmer – the same day – she spoke with Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno in Hoboken last May.

That conversation is potentially critical evidence in a dispute between the mayor and the governor’s administration on what was said in conversations surrounding Sandy aid to Hoboken and the billion dollar proposed project by the Rockefeller Group in northwest Hoboken.

Were the two in fact linked?

The mayor has faced severe criticism for referencing (and submitting to investigators) her personal journal re: the diary where she claimed to keep notes on the interactions. Critics have slammed her for weeks for not producing witnesses but merely “talking” to her diary. Now it looks like she’s at a handful of witnesses. Or more.

One of those critics is ethnic cleansing attorney Louis Zayas who appeared on Fox News attacking the mayor’s credibility while representing numerous frivolous claims by the HHA’s Carmelo Garcia. Almost all of the claims were thrown out of court with two separate attempts on the first pass to Hudson County Superior Court barely surviving on one undocumented “veiled threat.”

Who’s looking like the liar now?

You can bet that many interested parties (and numerous political operatives) will be watching this evening. This time however, they won’t all be on the payroll of Beth Mason.

These are the heavy hitters.

Here’s tonight’s agenda:

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