Pedestrian area by PATH set for improvement

City of Hoboken announces:

The City of Hoboken would like to advise commuters, residents, and visitors that Phase I construction of improved pedestrian safety and walkway features immediately in front of the PATH headhouses along Hudson Place is scheduled to begin on or about October 19, 2010.  
This work is part of the Zimmer Administration’s commitment to addressing the City’s neglected pedestrian infrastructure and reducing conflicts between pedestrians and motor vehicles. The project is funded by “Safe Streets to Transit” grants from the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s local aid programs.
“Pedestrian safety is the foundation of a fun, enjoyable, and accessible Hoboken,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “We are making one of the most heavily trafficked segments of roadway safer and more convenient for the thousands of residents and visitors who walk in this area every day.”
Phase I consists of a full replacement of the southern sidewalk along Hudson Place between Hudson and River Streets, as well as an extension of that sidewalk to significantly widen the walkway, reduce the congestion felt by pedestrians along this roadway segment, and deter jaywalking. Curb extensions will be included at the corners to reduce crossing distances and exposure to motor vehicles for pedestrians. Phase I of the project also includes narrower vehicle travel lanes to calm traffic in this area of high pedestrian activity. During construction, this side of Hudson Place will be inaccessible to pedestrians over the course of the 6 week project.
“This is exactly what we mean by ‘Complete Streets’,” added Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs. “The roadway has been redesigned to carefully consider an appropriate balance of all modes of transportation, including walking, bicycling, buses, and driving.”
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