Operation Bounty snags first violator in food for vote buying scam


In a shocking example of clear election fraud, MSV has obtained an exclusive photo of a voter being bought and paid before the November 2nd special election.  This electoral vote buying for votes, known in Hoboken as street money was slightly altered with the recipient being paid and fed – in food!

To our great sadness, the offender has turned out to be none other than our colleague at the Hoboken Journal, the jolly green giant!

MSV has been shocked by this clear conclusive evidence.  As THJ had joined us in Operation Bounty, this was the last person you’d think would be out buying votes.  We’d like to thank Perry Belfiore who planted the thought to the thousands of readers here to keep a lookout on the Lenz for Council campaign and Patricia Waiters in what he described as her new paid position as “canvasser to the mayor.”

Reader Mail in the Truth for Tim sent us this exclusive photo.  We’ve promised to keep Mail in the Truth’s identity secret until the trial for the jolly green giant is over and he’s on his way to prison, perhaps joining Peter Cammarano in some wrap around love in Lewisburg, PA.

In a clear example of voter fraud, the Jolly Green Giant is seen here paying off Patricia Waiters – feeding her food for her vote!  Reader Mail in the Truth for Tim obtained this photo spying on the Lenz for Council campaign last Saturday at the Lenz for Council kickoff.  Note the green Mike Lenz button Patricia Waiters is wearing.  

Talking Ed Note: This political parody is dedicated to Hoboken resident and long time political player Perry Belfiore.  Well Perry you wanted a picture of Patricia Waiters with Mike Lenz’s team.  Here ya go.

Keep an eye out next week for more news on Operation Bounty.  The stakes are about to go higher.  We’re sure there’s more room for some of Peter Cammarano’s friends over in Club Fed in Lewisburg, PA.  MSV would like to help reunite them.  If you wish to make a pledge please email  Thank you!

The Grafix Avenger has a related piece.  This one came after so you can call this spawn of grafix:

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