Tim Occhipinti’s campaign announces his own ‘truth’ on campaign website

In an election, lots of things are said about different issues and the Occhipinti campaign has decided to provide a list of areas it feels are not actually representative of its position.  Here’s a list of some items they’ve posted on their website.  One of them MSV brought to Team Tim’s attention and asked for clarification.

That invitation like some earlier direct invitations to the candidate were ignored.  Tim’s truth squad prefers among its favored media, censored outlets such as Hoboken411.  There his campaign has no issue with the truth or free speech.  That’s concerning but MSV won’t make it damning.  Candidates have a way of doing that themselves.

Here’s Tim’s “truth:”

The unelected 4th Ward councilman Michael Lenz is desperate to hold on to his seat. How desperate? His campaign has launched a series of lies and smears designed to mislead people about my positions on the issues. It’s unfortunate, but not unexpected. His goal is to deflect from his own lack of accomplishments and to discourage you from participating in the electoral process. It’s a tactic he has used many times over his two decades in Hudson County politics.

The only way to respond to Lies from Lenz is with Truth from Tim, a new feature on our campaign website that will set the record straight when Lenz’s campaign press releases, paid bloggers and “anonymous” internet attack squads spread misinformation. There are a lot lies to set straight, so let’s get started!

Here’s the most blatant one by far. See how deceitful this one is:
On the YouTube page of “Lenz4Council” a video titled “Tim Occhipinti on Flooding in Hoboken” purports to show me downplaying the need for flood prevention efforts during a discussion of a $165,000 contract for flood sensors. On theedited version (below) seen on the Lenz site, only the beginning and end of my comments are shown.

Talking Ed Note: (The first item is some streamed remarks on Emnet.  Tim says his remarks were out of context on the Lenz for Council website.  The context we’ve seen is Tim Occhipinti was against the flood sensor system to be used in conjunction with a new wet water pump.  His campaign says the remarks are edited but proper here at the 54:00 time mark.)

According to Occhipinti for Council this unedited version offers the “real Tim.”  Yes, it’s not edited to show remarks from both candidates but the context is exactly the same.  Tim Occhipinti opposes the flood technology from Emnet, at a cost of about $165,000.  The Council votes for it unanimously.  Where’s the lost context?

This is described as most the most blatant distortion, but the distortion isn’t clearly stated.

Tim’s Truth offers more highlights of his truth:

Here are some more Lies from Lenz, followed by Truth from Tim.
Lenz Lie: Tim is in favor of International Realty’s plan for a 348-unit, 13-story apartment complex at 38 Jackson Street, and will support Zoning Board appointees who will approve it. (Lenz campaign 9/29 press release)
Tim’s Truth: I have NEVER been in favor of this project. It is way too large and provides far too little in givebacks to our neighborhood. Some of my supporters have attended the Zoning Board meetings where this application was heard and spoke out AGAINST it. Mr. Lenz is trying to divert attention from the fact that he has awarded Zoning Board seats to the highest campaign contributor in backroom deals that keep the average Hoboken citizen from participating in the public process.

Talking Ed Note:  It’s good to know that Occhipinti doesn’t support this project as is.  The developer just pulled the whole thing from the Zoning Board’s consideration.  What is it that they expect will happen if Tim should win the election and they can await a new Mike Russo led majority of City Council Zoning Board nominees?  If Occhipinti has a specific position, maybe he can say more on this.  Until then, skepticism is appropriate and it’s not because of Occhipinti’s remarks but what the developer just did to forestall the application on 38 Jackson Street.

Lenz Lie: Tim is in favor of the Rockefeller Group plan for a 40-story building in north Hoboken. (Story planted by the Lenz campaign on a supporter’s blog)
Tim’s Truth: I have NEVER been in favor of out-of-scale development projects like the Rockefeller Group’s rumored proposal. Rockefeller Group is interested in bringing dedicated office space to Hoboken, which is good for balanced development and our tax base. What is not good is the rumored scale of that office space. Lenz’s campaign bloggers have taken out of context my comments about why the Lenz/Zimmer plan for combination retail/residential/condo buildings for the Western Edge zone won’t fly, and put words in my mouth regarding the Rockefeller Group.

Talking Ed Note:  First of all, MSV covered this and showed Tim’s exact words and complete video of remarks.  At the same time, David Cruz who seems to be doing all the communications for Tim Occhipinti was notified and asked for an explanation on Tim’s exact quote advocating Rockefeller’s commercial vision over the City’s Western Edge plan.  The video used here on MSV was 100% unfiltered, unadulterated Tim Occhipinti.  Nothing was taken out of context.  If his position was unclear when he lanced commercial development in the existing Western Edge redevelopment plan while saying “Rockefeller wants open discussions” on their mammoth 40 story building and complex of commercial development, he should take a look at the video and say, okay, it’s all here.  Blaming MSV for his remarks is rather foolhardy.

Instead of politely getting back to MSV with a correction or clarification as requested, Tim’s truth squad tries to point the finger and blame MSV and does so rather recklessly.  Since MSV was the only one to cover this story, this must be seen as a complete misrepresentation.  The story was our own and was not “planted” by the Lenz campaign.  Da Horsey was kinda proud actually no one else picked up on this.  Shame on you Maurice!

Lenz Lie: “Mike Novak, a high-ranking member of Tim’s Campaign team currently has missing ELEC forms from his run with Former Mayor and current Inmate Peter Cammarano’s campaign last year.” (Lenz campaign 9/29 press release)
Tim’s Truth: Mike Novak is a respected member of the community, but he’s not “a high ranking member” of my grassroots campaign to represent the 4th ward. Since Mr. Novak didn’t even make the 2009 runoff election, he bears no responsibility for the lack of Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) filing by disgraced former Mayor Cammarano. Actually, Michael Lenz failed more than 30 times to file ELEC reports from his own failed 2001 city council campaign. Talk about missing ELEC reports! He finally filed his ELEC report 8 years later, just before he announced he was running for office. Lenz’s excuse: “I forgot.” Convenient memory, to say the least.

Talking Ed Note:  Guess we should put this one in the Tim Occhipinti throws Mike Novak under the bus file.  Maurice Fitzgibbons was the one who spilled the beans on this one.  Tim Hint: If you want to disavow one backer, it helps to throw all the Cammarano backers now backing you under the bus at the same time.  Faster that way.

Let’s see if the explanation from ‘Tim’s Truth’ is that the Hudson Reporter is responsible for planting the story for the Lenz campaign.

Lenz Lie: “Despite telling the press the opposite, Tim is already personally running a shadow absentee vote campaign that is working day and night to disenfranchise the residents of the 4th Ward.” (Lenz campaign 9/29 press release)
Tim’s Truth: First of all, “Absentee Ballots” no longer exist. They were removed by the state law that created the Vote By Mail system. Now everyone is encouraged to Vote By Mail for any reason. Common Cause supports Vote By Mail because it increases voter participation. Michael Lenz wants to suppress the vote of people who don’t support them. That’s just wrong.  It’s another false attack, and laughably, the source cited for this lie is a “blog” written by a highly partisan Zimmer appointee to the Zoning Board. That’s hardly a reputable source!

Talking Ed Note:  The only comment we’ve heard from Tim Occhipinti on Absentee Ballots now called Vote by Mail is that he is not “promoting” them.  Now his campaign think it’s the most awesome device ever!  It remains to be seen what Tim Occhipinti’s lack of personal promotion means to his campaign.  The candidate himself is IN CHARGE of their campaign.  If hundreds of these Absentee Ballots/Vote by Mail votes show up on election day, is Tim Occhipinti going to issue a “truth” saying he doesn’t know anything about it and refuses to accept them in his tabulation?  Doesn’t look that way does it?

This is concerning and actually more than concerning, it’s revealing.  Tim Occhipinti clearly thinks that in an election where about 1,000 votes may determine the winner, any question on a notable percentage of votes coming from absentee/mail is not a problem. He even claims the mantle of a voter group Common Cause as a defense in advance of what’s obviously coming.  Let’s set the odds on the over/under of Tim Occhipinti’s “vote by mail” program.

 Occhipinti chooses to call questions on this “voter suppression.”  He calls the story by Grafix Avenger a “false attack” and says she is not a reputable source.  There’s nothing here to make supporters of “Operation Bounty” sleep better.  In fact, the alert is going up.  (More news on this to come.)

Well I guess the cat is out of the bag now.  We’d like our friends in Newark, the boys of summer from the FBI to please make note of this.

Here’s the link to Tim’s truth.  Ask them how the absentee ballot/mail in factory work is going.  Are you expecting any truth on that?

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