p1ywood and the anomalies collection

Hey everybody, I’ve got a little brain teaser that I put together for you, or maybe it’s more of a riddle, anyway here goes. Hope you like it.
What do these things have in common?
…..numerous reports of people claiming they were offered money to vote in the 4th Ward in November
 …..a massive anomaly in vote-by-mail in the same 4th Ward special election
……a supporter of the then 4th Ward candidate having her car vandalized with the candidate’s name scrawled on the car
…….Ms Mason wheeling over $13,000 to one 4th Ward candidate days before the election
……this same candidate, now a councilperson, in one of their first orders of official business, becomes the deciding vote in Ms Mason becoming the council president
……Ms Mason’s cronies changing the Council rules specifically to make this possible
……Ms Mason being caught rearranging the order of speakers at council meeting
……Mr Russo openly discussing how corruption works in Hoboken on tape
……Mr Russo denying same until the tapes came out, then basically saying he was kidding
……an Old Guard operative ripping down and stealing 6th Ward reform campaign posters, which he denied until he realized he did it on tape
……as a result of the posters being ripped down, the candidate running for the Old Guard in the 6th  Ward (Mr Giacchi) stating almost nothing in response
……another massive statistical anomaly in vote-by-mail in the Board of Education election 5 month later
……and a Reform campaign worker allegedly being assaulted in a polling place by an Old Guard operative, who tell them “I own this place”?
Apologies, I’m sure I forgot some things.
So what do all these things have in common?
They are all “isolated incidents” and, as such nothing to worry about.
Talking Ed Note: p1ywood is a frequent commenter once known for mirth and puns.  The four squares has become a regular staple on MSV, one of the four corners of our ‘internets’ universe.  

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