Councilman Giacchi on sign theft: “Hopefully it will cease to continue”

Councilman Nino Giacchi, the 6th ward councilman came out and issued an email statement regarding the alleged sign theft inside Kayla’s Cleaners as seen here on MSV last Monday.

The statement reflects the tentativeness of the councilman as he faces a strong challenge from council candidate Jen Giattino.  The statement reads:
“I find it very unfortunate that Mr. [name of accused person] has been tearing down posters representing any of the campaigns for City Council in Hoboken,” Giacchi said in the e-mail. “I know of him, but not personally. He is not a representative of my campaign nor is he involved in any way with the operations of my campaign. My campaign is run by my wife Mary, and my campaign manager. I do not condone Mr. [name of accused]’s actions, nor support his recent behavior in any way. Hopefully it will cease to continue.”

Oddly nowhere in the statement does Councilman Giacchi actually condemn the action but the Hudson Reporter in their story claims like Jen Giattino, he did.  However there’s no condemnation in the lawyerly and triple consultant checked statement anywhere to be found.

Giacchi remarks even more oddly he doesn’t quite know Matt Calicchio saying, “I know of him.”  At the Stevens council candidate forum he was seen speaking with the same Matt Calicchio and literally patting him on the back not a day after the alleged sign theft.
And the closing of the statement is perhaps even stranger.  Giacchi looking forward to a future of less Mason-Russo political operative bad behavior concludes, “Hopefully it will cease to continue.”
Hopefully… cease to continue?  Huh?
Councilman Nino Giacchi: Not a day after witnessed speaking and patting Matt Calicchio on the back, he tells the Hudson Reporter he only knows “of him.”  Mr. Giacchi is a lawyer and partner in a Newark based law firm.
Talking Ed Note:  One can only hope Nino Giacchi’s campaign will not be releasing a statement about ex-mayor Peter Cammarano, that while they both served on the city council together he only knew of him.  
Councilman Giacchi is a respected member of the community known for his good manners and exceedingly bad voting record.  Since the elevation of Tim Occhipinti he reverted to some bad form he had avoided for a spell prior to then Council President Dawn Zimmer moving into the mayor’s chair.  
Da Horsey has found conversation with Councilman Giacchi immensely interesting, both inside and outside of City Council Chambers.  But often we’re left scratching our head later, marveling how much of it is past one another.

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