GA source: Beth Mason’s 12 year career at Newton Lao ‘a sham’

In what may prove a blockbuster leading into the 2nd ward council race, an anonymous Grafix Avenger source claims an investigation into the resume of Councilwoman Beth Mason shows a decade plus of her experience falsified, accusing her work listed as Founder and President of “Newton Lao Leonard & Locke” as being imaginary.

The firm is listed on Beth Mason’s resume from 1993 to 2005, naming her as both Founder and President.  According to the Grafix Avenger source, the firm has registration in New Jersey filed in 2010, but nothing in the state of New York.

Councilwoman Beth Mason’s past on her resume is being questioned
by a source on Grafix Avenger. 

The source further suggests the Lyndhurst, NJ address of the company is most likely another business performing services to Beth Mason, such as an attorney or an accountant but that there is no actual office space for the named firm.  On the resume, Beth Mason lists the firm as being in New York City.

The GA source also questions why the business entity the founder Beth Mason claims to have left in 2005 continues to exist on paper:

Interesting question is if she stopped working there in 2005, why, six years later is she keeping the shell open for business?  Ask what the company does?  Who are the employees? What is the revenue? 

There’s quite a few of questions all around on this anonymous source’s contention.  A google search of the company name produces nothing but some addresses in Hoboken and nothing of a website of the firm’s past cached anywhere.  For a company operating in the middle of the last decade in the advertising space, this appears suspect.

An inquiry to Beth Mason asking for evidence of the New York city based firm with tax records, rent checks and client records was emailed earlier.  If an answer arrives, we’ll update this story.

Update: The plot thickens, resident commenter and MSV court jester Mattaccino has noted that one of the consulting firms Beth Mason retains is based in Lyndhurst, NJ: the Cratos Group.  This revelation adds credence to the shell company theory, that this firm Beth Mason touts founding is at best a soft vehicle where she did little work and achieved even less.

The head of the Cratos Group, a consulting firm specializing in messaging and fundraising donated less than $1,000 to Tim Occhipinti last November.  Why would a company specializing in raising funds for a candidate be writing checks to them?  Oh it’s that darn wheeling re: money laundering again.

And what do you think happens when you send mail to the Cratos Group not by their name but with Beth Mason’s?

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