Occhougly – HHA residents' 'letter' heaves charge of racism


MSV has obtained a letter circulating among a handful of select Occhipinti campaign people and they have been busy working on getting signatures for it. But not affidavits for voter fraud, they are looking to intimidate the media from even looking at what we’ve called ‘The Anomaly.”

Apparently they have gotten a handful of HHA residents to sign the letter. MSV is withholding the names of the people thought to have signed it. It’s the ugliest card you can deal from the bottom of the deck and it reeks of desperation as ‘The Anomaly’ is about to rage out of control.

How long will it take before the Occhipinti campaign seeks to use their campaign worker who ghostwrites for Hoboken411 in a desperate attempt to stymie the emerging scandal? Get busy minion!

A declaration of voters’ rights

We, the undersigned residents of Hoboken public housing, wish to express our outrage over the recent actions by Sam Briggs and the Lenz campaign, including demanding our personal information and targeting members of our community for harassment.
For too many years, our neighbors have been stigmatized as criminals and cheats. The truth is that public housing residents are humble, honest, hard-working people from good families, who work hard, respect the law, and support the rights of all people to free speech, regardless of their social or economic status.

Over the past two weeks, we have been the victims of a coordinated and sustained program of intimidation and harassment. Our elderly neighbors have been accused of criminal behavior and coerced into signing incriminating documents they didn’t understand. Our children, many participating in their first elections, have similarly been harassed and accused of corruption. Our entire community has been targeted simply because we are poor.

We call on Michael Lenz and Sam Briggs to apologize to this community and to all residents of the 4th ward. They should cease and desist from this racist targeting of a neighborhood that has been the backbone of Hoboken for decades. We further call on the U.S. Attorney’s office and all pertinent investigative bodies to take notice of these actions and to respond with all appropriate actions. We demand our right to privacy and to vote for the candidates of our choice, without fear or under threat of retaliation.

(Residents signatures withheld by MSV)

Talking Ed note: Well the final card is being dealt here and it’s the race card from the bottom of the deck. How many of these signers are already paid Occhipinti vote by mail ‘campaign workers’ you think? There are seven and MSV knows that is not a clean slate.
Word is many HHA ‘campaign’ people have not yet been paid. They receive photocopies of their checks. They then redeem their photocopied check on election day for the real cashable one!

But if you aren’t on the lease list, well you aren’t getting paid!
The word is spreading in the HHA and anger is now fueled heading into payday.

You think anyone is scared by this letter?

Michelle Russo – looking very bitter and angry today.

Here’s one more gristy chewable: A haul of vote by mail ballots was taken in to the Hudson County Board of Elections today. Five people carrying today’s ‘bearer’ loot.

You would think with such a haul they would be happy. The report says they were most definitely not.

There’s going to be mucho problems with the vote by mail plunder. More to come.

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