Horse Sense: Hoboken, we have a problem

Today is election day and most Hoboken residents will have the option of voting for Congress and County Sheriff.  The fourth ward is home turf for the Lenz-Occhipinti battle in the fourth ward special election.  That is, if we really have an election.

MSV does not do endorsements.  We encourage residents to review the important issues and make their decisions with only the privacy of their own conscience dictating their choice.  Besides no one takes voting instructions from a horse.

Which brings us to two problems.  Albio Sires currently holds the 13th congressional district seat.  He has refused to debate his main opponent even once.  This strikes us as undemocratic and equally, unacceptable.  Frankly, that’s being a horse’s ass.

That leaves in our mind only one candidate among his real contenders: Henrietta Dwyer.  When anti-democratic actions are clearly evident, Da Horsey says resist!  Of course you may resist however you deem appropriate.  You can write in a popular singer or Tim Occhipinti, they each have about the same knowledge of Hoboken issues.  And that gets us to the heart of the matter for most of the town today, no matter where you live.

Hoboken’s “On the Waterfront,” problem isn’t just restricted to the problems on the piers.  The fourth ward has generated a record haul of vote by mail ballot applications – in the neighborhood of 600 total.  PolitickerNJ quoted one observer state a plunder of that size means “someone’s going to jail.”

Questioned about such a bounty, pun intended, Occhipinti backer Councilman Mike Russo enthusiastically trumpeted it, telling PolitickerNJ “I hope so” to that very total.  Occhipinti’s campaign people should be ashamed but they are embracing this vote looting, calling media scrutiny to “The Anomaly” voter suppression, voter intimidation and now just yesterday someone in his camp had some poor HHA residents sign their names in an obviously concocted Occhipinti letter to the dreaded word: racism.  Is there any depths these these people will not go seeking power over all of us in this town?

To the individual who put that letter in front of those Housing Authority residents and had them sign, and this includes Tim Occhipinti, and his campaign bearing equal culpability, there’s only one word for them: despicable.

Tim Occhipinti the self-declared independent “personal integrity” candidate who can’t even tell you one issue he’s independent (we know because we asked) has played a cynical game with residents of the fourth ward.  He was out front barking like a mad junkyard dog with the deception the Pino’s site was selected as the choice for the Municipal Garage, a sad cautionary tale of what to expect if Councilman Mike Russo seizes more power.  Occhipinti is eagerly his pliable tool to further damage our town.

Occhipinti’s continued cynicism muttering more lies on the city budget parroting Councilwoman Beth Mason’s $20 million surplus party line is equally concerning especially in light of his inconsistent contradictions on budgeting and taxes.  Of course it’s his magic binder that gives him the answers to parrot word for word and its authors we must hold to blame.  That’s not a candidate, that’s a puppet!

Tim Occhipinti’s debate binder.  A word for word instruction for puppet sellouts.  (Puppet not included.)

Most importantly, MSV has smelled a rat whenever Occhipinti would qualify his remarks about a clean election going back to the summer on Hoboken Patch.   He said his campaign would be clean if there was anything he “personally” would have to do with it.

What Occhipinti neglects, along with his ever retreating remarks surrounding the growing concerns about his expected record setting vote by mail fraud is he as the candidate is responsible.  Instead he just barks the usual nonsense he hears from his handlers about violating the rights of voters, clearly not what the stakes are in this instance.  The stakes are about Hoboken’s dignity and self-respect.  Sadly, there’s a group of voters economically challenged more than willing and in numbers to sell their vote for $40.

Last summer MSV covered a couple of Housing Authority Health Fair events.  Both times Tim Occhipinti attended but he volunteered zero to the event and brought nothing to the table.  There was no participation with HHA residents or their children.  He was merely there.  Nothing says more about the candidate than his utter indifference to the HHA than we saw firsthand.  He was just milling about, a candidate for hire looking to follow through on selling out to whoever would buy and allow him to attach himself as a brand.

What is Tim’s brand exactly?  Deception.  A package to appeal to those who don’t follow much of Hoboken government and think he seems genial and non-threatening enough.  That is exactly what he wants you to think.  For that reason, his alliance to the old guard makes him more dangerous.  There’s no surprises coming from this guy.  The bill has been paid, small as it was and now the handlers will be coming to collect on their investment.

Tim Occhipinti may seem like a fun loving hear no, see no, speak no evil monkey, but that’s because he’s already long ago sold out the fourth ward and all of Hoboken.  He’s anticipating a record electoral fraud haul of vote by mail votes in the election.  That is if he can get away with it.

Exactly what percentage of Occhipinti’s vote will be vote by mail/absentee is unknown for the moment.  But it’s likely to be yet another record in the vote by mail scandal underway.  Much of the results in the official count will be based on the Hudson County Board of Elections and perhaps then a Hudson County Superior Court judge.  O Lord hear our plea, have mercy on us.

The fourth ward election is hereby no longer about two candidates.  It’s about far more than any candidate, or in fact any one election.  It needs to be a turning point for this town where vote buying with absurdly blatant vote by mail buying schemes are stopped cold, once and for all.

They are starting to feel a little heat.  They are somewhat uncomfortable, the glare of a spotlight is bad for business as usual.  The media is usually compliant, not muckracking.  The thousands of hits yesterday tells us you know where MSV stands, but unfortunately, Hoboken won’t see a fair election in the corner of the fourth ward until people are hauled away in handcuffs and locked up in jail first – no matter the outcome of “the election.”

So other than that, join MSV in wishing the Occhipinti campaign good luck.  Their boy Cammarano needs company.  Hope they find their way back together again real soon, sooner than later.

For now, we engage the battle for Hoboken, always for Hoboken.

A guy in this video only looks like a NJ State politician.  Is he muttering about voter intimidation too?  Seems like a lot of that noise is coming from certain corners.  On one campaign, it appears real.

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