Grist for the Mill: 4th ward electoral fraud

Brian Thompson, NY Channel 4 correspondent is in Hoboken this afternoon. The on air reporter has specialized on New Jersey news for years and has been spotted on Jackson St. by the Hoboken Housing Authority. He’s said to have a special love for Hudson County corruption. And he looks to be doing a story on the Festivus miracle of Tim Occhipinti’s near mathematical impossibility of vote by mail votes.

That total won’t be in until tomorrow. But it promises to be the biggest Festivus miracle – ever!

MSV is very pleased to see more media attention on Hoboken’s growing early season festivus miracle.

Also, here’s something from what sounds like a Occhipinti insider posted on MSV:

The name is not shown because? Oh, wait! The person who signed it was intimidated into signing it and will no longer stand by that document.

Question: Why have all the affidavit signers recanted their claims?
Answer: Because they were pressured into signing it.

Simple: Put up or shut up. If you have Fraud show it. Accusations merely dirty the water; but wasn’t that the point all along. Hudson County Politics for two decades will teach you that.

Is it ever wonder why the Judge ruled the way he did on Friday. Cheap tricks from a last-ditch effort.

For some reason this commenter thought MSV would delete their post. We want to alleviate them of this concern so instead we’re highlighting it in a post – so you won’t miss it.  Besides, if true, are we to believe that all these affidavit signers just miraculously signed refuting their earlier affidavits.  If true, Hoboken is blessed again with yet another early Festivus miracle.

It’s pretty exciting to see Hoboken in the news again. Especially when corruption is what they keep coming back for and today will not be an exception.

Background on Brian Thompson is here.  Maybe this commenter wants to get over to Jackson Street and tell Mr. Thompson to shut up.  Hey, tell him he has no right being a part of Hoboken’s Festivus miracle.

Tim “Mr. Integrity” Occhipinti just saw his illegal campaign ad yanked off the internet.
At least that’s one less law broken by the Occhipinti campaign.  Congrats Tim!

Last the illegal youtube ad from Tim Occhipinti, Bringing it Home,” has been sent to a watery grave.  It isn’t because they complied with the law though.  They resisted and kept it up as long as possible Mr. Integrity, Tim Occhipinti fighting for lawbreaking every step of the way, but now, sayonara.

How hard do you think Tim will fight for say something illegal with higher stakes?

MSV would like to thank our lawyer Alex Booth for his outstanding work.

Update: As MSV has clearly stated before, you can not put people in a political ad without their consent.

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