City Council Live @ 7:00 with the Jolly Green Giant

Tonight the City Council once again has a long agenda and whenever there’s a meeting leading into an election, there’s sure to be plenty of flotsam and jetsam strewn about.  In addition to the the Hoboken Journal, word comes that Perry Klaussen of Hate411 will be broadcasting the meeting.  That can only mean one thing: Perry wishes to reward his little minion and give him a platform to spew out the biggest lies that will be repeated by same in ghostwritten fashion shortly thereafter.
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Now what possibly could have led to Klausfurher handing this consolation prize to his little minion?  Well MSV exposed yet another lame operation when the dimunitive Hoboken411 minion was seen in the first row last Wednesday practically mouthing the lines of his new underling, word for word like a stage mom.

MSV broke the story of Tim Occhipinti’s version of Broadway acting where all his lines are prepared and written for him word for word.  Will Occhipinti have some lines prepared for him tonight or will the little angry man keep all the flostam and jetsam for himself? 

Photo: Tim shows how high his stage mom comes up next to him. 

Tune in to the Hoboken Journal for all the zaniness  and glass spitting tonight:

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