Occhipinti campaign: stop looking at public information in the HHA

This guy says, ‘I’m with Tim.’

Here’s a letter signed by Occhipinti campaign manager Jamie Cryan speaking on behalf of, well we’re not sure, it’s so hard to keep reading when you’re laughing that hard.  It’s consistent with the vociferous complaints from all these Occhipinti hanlders as the sunlight is shining on the nefarious activities going on in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

David Cruz, Occhipinti spokesman really doesn’t appreciate disinfectant shining on the land while the paper ballots are actively being tilled.

The people of Hoboken have an absolute right to know who is acting against the citizens of Hoboken and especially the people of the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Got exploitation?

The letter was sent to the HHA Executive Director and in typical Occhipinti fashion lobs misinformation right out of the gate in the first sentence.  It’s not actual leases just a list of the names of leaseholders.  Who are they really looking to protect here?  People who don’t really live there or hold no lease but are planning on voting in the fourth ward election.

This letter is designed to protect the odd instances where four men are listed as living in a woman’s one bedroom apartment and yet they are all listed as vote by mail supporters of – you guessed it, Tim Occhipinti.

What do you call those people in the Occhipinti campaign?  Their base.

Carmello Garcia
Executive Director
Hoboken Housing Authority
400 Marshall Drive
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Dear Mr. Garcia:

Please be advised that the Occhipinti for Council campaign is not a party to the request for information regarding leases for residents of Hoboken Housing Authority apartments. As a 4thward resident and the son of immigrants, I am offended by Mr. Briggs’ blatant targeting of our most vulnerable residents and the potential use for voter suppression. Someone speaking a different language or being a senior citizen or not being listed on a lease does not preclude a person’s right to vote, and the potential for intimidation is shameful.

Until every landlord across the 4th ward is compelled to turn over the names and leases of all tenants in their buildings, this request remains a violation of the civil rights of these residents, in my opinion. Residents of Hoboken’s public housing are incensed by the suggestion that they are somehow predisposed to criminality simply because they live in public housing. Housing Authority residents have been marginalized for decades and this latest effort is a further example of that.

Please be advised that we have ongoing conversations with the US Attorney’s Office, the ACLU, NAACP, and Urban League of Hudson County to alert them to this outrageous request. The Occhipinti campaign is one of inclusion and we support the right of every individual to privacy and to vote free of intimidation.


Jamie Cryan
Campaign Manager
Occhipinti For Council

Talking Ed Note: One interesting feature in this letter is again the cry of voter suppression.  The Occhipinti campaign continues to get more shrill, the more attention is placed surrounding the shadowy activities of paper ballots consuming the Hoboken Housing Authority.

You have to wonder if they won’t be bringing Al Sharpton or a de facto representative bellowing that same line next.

MSV says bring Al or his cohort.  See how that person stacks up against the FBI or NJ Attorney General.

The civil rights of all of Hoboken are being violated in any exercise of massive voter fraud.  Let’s get to the bottom of it once and for all.

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