Illegal Occhipinti stickers defacing private property, Lenz campaign blamed

Some reports have come in about some oddity of Occhipinti stickers being placed on the private property of resident’s homes.

Reader Occhocincoblowz sent in these pictures showing some inappropriate placement of Occhipinti “bumper stickers” plastered over people’s lockboxes on lower Madison Street.  

People on the block are complaining and the Lenz for Council HQ is on the same block.  One person apparently came into the office and said it took him forever to scrub one off on his property.

The man then goes to Tim Occhipinti’s HQ and complains about the invasion on his property.  So the Occhipinti campaign tells him they aren’t responsible – it’s the Lenz for Council campaign doing it!

Have you ever heard of a campaign promoting another campaign placing stickers with the actual voting column listed as a ruse?  Represent!

Hey, this is the same crowd that vehemently complains about “bounties” placed for information leading to the arrest and conviction for vote by mail fraud.  One Occhipinti campaign person who is also part of a small fanatical group of Mason backers described Hoboken residents backing the law as “voter intimidation” on their facebook page.

Don’t be surprised if the next time the FBI visits Hoboken to break up some politician’s criminal enterprise they demand the agency’s top ten most wanted list be banned along with the organization.  You know, the FBI being a danger to the well being of innocent politicians caught up in the harsh and cruel world.

Tim Occhipinti may not be Peter Cammarano but scratch anything on or near his campaign and it’s a who’s who list of the same people.  From contributors to even the lawyer for his campaign.  The theme uniting them with the Russo clan is the antithesis of Hoboken Revolt’s “Love your town.”  Theirs is “Loot this town.”

An Occhipinti worker in Tim’s t-shirt believed to be the offender

Of course everyone knows there’s major problems with the special election 4th ward paper ballots too.  There’s 559 of them potentially out there with massive vote by mail fraud already alleged.  The anomaly on Tim Occhipinti’s ELEC is merely a taste of what’s coming.  It looks like the there’s going to be in the ballpark of 400 or more vote by mail ballots coming in for Tim Occhipinti. 

When this record haul of vote by mail fraud surfaces, you will see all these people twist themselves in knots explaining it away.  Every single one of them will look at you and tell you how this is just a mere anomaly; it’s nothing.

Defacing your personal property to illegally advertise Mr. Integrity, Tim Occhipinti, well as they see it, you should be thanking them.

Tim Occhipinti is on a record pace run of law breaking even as a recent ad trumps his personal integrity.  This with alleged massive voter fraud, defacing private property and an illegal campaign ad already in the can.  What’s next?

Talking Ed Note: MSV doesn’t do endorsements as policy but we’re going to need to come up with a way to address this criminal enterprise before election day.  It needs to be on the record before the election.

In the meantime, if Occhipinti people place these stickers on your property defacing it, you should call the police and ask their assistance.  If Hoboken is lucky, perhaps Occhipinti will actually stop breaking one law before the election.

He looks like he’s already hundreds ahead at this point.  What’s one more law broken here and there?

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