Developers and shady characters – “We’re with Tim!”

It’s already GOTV (Get out the vote) time but the discussion on development like much of the facts in this election has been lost.  A cursory examination of the recent ELEC form filed by the candidates shows who is really backing who.  And the developers available for the record are clearly not with Mike Lenz – they are backing Tim Occhipinti.

What is it they know about Tim Occhipinti the rest of us don’t.

Here’s Micheal Fitzgerald laying down some big coin in a small Hoboken election.  He’s putting up a hefty $2,600 and his occupation: Real Estate.

Developers for Tim

The above letter that has been circulating recently says it speaks for local realtors in Hoboken.  Not surprisingly, they’re for Tim too gunning after Mike Lenz.  The same letter was issued earlier, that one going after Councilman Peter Cunningham.

Starting to get the picture?

Here’s another big backer of Tim, David Rousso.  He’s had a little problem with the law and securities fraud according to records from the National Futures Association.
He’s with Tim too!



Charged were David L. Rousso of Hoboken, N.J.; Neil T. McGoldrick of Garden City, N.Y.; Richard Henriksen of Brooklyn; Kathleen A. Farley of Manhattan; and William J. Reidy of Chicago.
Each of the defendants is a floor broker in NYMEX`s crude oil futures pit. In addition, Reidy acted as a local trader, buying and selling oil futures contracts for his personal account.
The complaint brings to 13 the number of people charged so far in the investigation. It is the first time that a defendant has been accused of trading ahead of customer orders.
Rousso was charged with trading ahead of his customer orders on seven occasions. On each occasion, the complaint charges, Rousso received better prices on crude oil futures trades than did his clients.

David Rousso can’t help but max out for Tim too for $2,600.  Think he knows something more about Tim you don’t?  He has a remarkable trading pedigree, almost like John Corea.  You remember the former Director of the Parking Utility?  He’s up on charges for swiping several tons in quarters while big Occhipinti backer Councilman Mike Russo was trying to stonewall on his behalf calling an earlier mention of monies missing, a math error – one he describes as “my mistake.”

MSV predicts after the election you’ll see a lot more of this on Tim Occhipinti’s final ELEC report.  For now, readers should note the people with a vested interest in seeing as many big condos go up as possible are all “with Tim.”  Along with some questionable other contributors.  What do they think they are getting for their investment?

After the election, there may be a Political Action Committee set up, “Criminals for Tim.”
As they say in the biz, follow the money.

Talking Ed Note: Tim Occhipint claims he doesn’t read “our stuff” but his campaign certainly are avid readers.  They’ve issued a press release denying their role in placing their stickers on private property and now publicly blaming the Lenz campaign.

From the release,

The latest dirty trick began yesterday when the Lenz campaign began removing “paid for by Occhipinti for Council” stickers from 4th ward children’s Halloween treat bags and adhering them to residents’ doors and other private property.”

Lenz for Council campaign manager Sam Briggs replied for comment:

This is not even worthy of a response. I thank them for giving me a heads up on what they strategy is for tonight (midnight flyer and tearing down their own banner) but I am not going to waste precious time today responding to blatantly false allegations. I know that Tim doesn’t have to worry about turning out voters and coordinating volunteers today since his vote is bought and paid for and his campaign is staffed by paid workers, but we have to do field work to bring this home. Don’t forget to Vote tomorrow and vote Mike Lenz 9C to keep progress moving in Hoboken.

Occhipinti is also predicting midnight flyers but says they will come from the Lenz campaign.  James Barracato of Weehawken a political operative who has been in the pay for service of Beth Mason was seen at a midnight emergency meeting last week at Occhipinti’s headquarters.  He’s certainly on the short list of people who likes to work those type of hours.  
What does this mean?  More midnight madness!  So expect to see some late night fishy character in the fourth ward.  Be nice to him, he’s just a gun for hire and not even a Hoboken resident.  But call the police immediately.

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