The object of the DTR conspiracy, Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s statement

From the Office of the Mayor:

Mayor Dawn Zimmer issued the following statement today after the FBI announced the arrest of a City employee stemming from an investigation regarding a potential security breach in the City’s electronic communications.
“In May, my Administration suspected wrongdoing regarding electronic communications in City Hall. We hired a private security firm to evaluate the situation and discovered evidence of potential wrongdoing. As I have done whenever my Administration has uncovered such evidence since I became Mayor in 2009, my Administration immediately contacted the appropriate authorities — in this case the Federal Bureau of Investigation. We provided them with all evidence and have been working with the FBI since. I thank the U.S. Attorney’s office and the special agents in the FBI Newark field office for their assistance and for taking this matter seriously.”
“This is a good example of our City working with the authorities and demonstrates the justice system at work.”
“As we have done in the past, my Administration is respectful of the presumption of innocence while taking the necessary actions to protect the interests of the City. Patrick Ricciardi, who has worked for the City of Hoboken since 1992, has been suspended without pay since May.”
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