Data Theft Ring Arrest – Who’s Next?

The criminal complaint makes it clear there are two municipal officials directly involved in requesting the communications of Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s office.

The implication is that there are more arrests pending.

The complaint notes the atmosphere surrounding the mayor when she took office after the resignation of ex-mayor and felon Peter Cammarano noting:

“As part of the investigation, law enforcement learned that the City’s political culture is currently divided into two main factions….

“The investigation has also revealed that many of the elected and appointed officials in the City retain strong ties to the previous administration or are otherwise politically opposed to the Mayor, and have sparred with the current Mayor on a variety of municipal issues, large and small.

“These officials include several members of the City Council, as well as high-ranking employees of different City municipal agencies, such as Public Safety….”

Patrick Ricciardi is scheduled to be arraigned in Newark Federal Court this afternoon.
MSV can confirm Patrick Ricciardi’s earnings were 200K last year.
He worked as both an IT Manager and also with the Office of Emergency Management.

Patrick Ricciardi – arraignment this afternoon

Talking Ed Note: MSV Premium subscribers will know that these ties to these areas were specifically addressed as likely areas where illegal communications were shared.

Obviously this is the beginning of a long process and more arrests are coming.

Are we going to be hearing the Hoboken411 minion’s Pentagon Papers Defense today?

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