And now here comes the smokescreen

Hoboken Now is reporting Councilwoman Beth Mason’s statement today.  MSV premium content members know full well the position taken here months back.

Da Horsey confronted Beth Mason on the question of her requests for these communications to the mayor’s staff – now part of the official FBI investigation.  She and her ally Councilman Michael Russo refused to provide any response and Mason looked to the Corporation Counsel for help.

Some weeks later in an interview outside City Hall, Beth Mason replied to the question posed to her again on whether she had seen any of these emails under investigation by limiting her answer saying, “I didn’t see yours.”

Here’s Beth Mason’s statement:

“As you may be aware, the US Attorney’s Office announced that Hoboken’s former IT Official surrendered to FBI Agents after admitting to intercepting and leaking City information.
“Also, included in the indictment are three unidentified individuals who are simply described as (1) a City municipal official, (2) a former City municipal official, and (3) a City municipal employee. The names of these individuals should be released immediately. The people of Hoboken have a right to know how their trust was violated.
“Open public records laws allow for individuals to obtain information in a legal manner and any dishonest tactics used to circumvent this process is inexcusable. This is a sad day for the people of Hoboken.”
Councilwoman Beth Mason – releases a statement but no one is taking it at face value.

Talking Ed Note: Horse Sense is reviewing this with the same scrutiny as Mason’s recent statements on the hospital sale, meaning take it with a grain of salt – a very large grain.
Who attempted with strenuous efforts to obtain email communications of the mayor’s staff in the City Council last spring, at least a full year after the Data Theft Ring was in full function doing exactly that?  
Who tried to interfere with the FBI investigation to the point where Corporation Counsel had to threaten the Beth Russo hydra during a City Council meeting last spring they were interfering with an active ongoing FBI investigation and they insisted on trying to obtain tens of thousands of emails between the mayor’s staff and local media including MSV, Grafix Avenger and The Hoboken Journal?
Beth Mason

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