NJ Transit Project – still more questions than answers on initial scaled back plan

NJ Transit came to the Hoboken Terminal Waiting Room to present a scaled back initial plan and did so while making hundreds of spectators await the punch line – a 17 to 26 floor main structure first to go up where the bus depot is now situated.

Indicating a “world class tenant” was available if Hoboken’s city government would approve the plan in the next three to six months, NJ Transit said the plan would revitalize much of the area with over two million in annual tax revenues to the city while bringing along 1700 employees of the new company to Hoboken.

NJ Transit Sr. Director John Leon: “Friends, Hobokenites, countrymen: lend me your ears.

Along with those nuggets, NJ Transit stated the overall investment would execute the $240 million project with many improvements: bus and ferry areas, new promenade, bike racks, storefronts and more but all conditional on the City of Hoboken’s approval within the next six months.

A forty-five minute presentation went on and on with nervous looks from NJ Transit officials observing the large crowd’s reaction as the elephant in the room failed to arrive until the very end.  Finally a rendering of a non-descript building seen from the Hudson River was shown but the crowd weathered down with humidity showed no enthusiasm but more of a collective soft exhale.  Relief?  It’s tough to say but the early reactions from different corners of Hoboken show plenty of concern for what NJ Transit has in store for the majority of the rail yard before embracing a first step in this small parcel.

Current bus area – the site of the a potential building
rendered overview of new promenade
area of emphasis
the mystery building, still a mystery – courtesy of the Hoboken Journal

Talking Ed Note:  It’s a tribute of sorts to the public that even a vastly scaled back NJ Transit plan has initially been met with a wait and see attitude.

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