Occhipinti: ‘Time for Lenz to apologize to Hoboken’s 4th ward residents’

Occhipinti for Council announces:

Occhipinti calls on Lenz to apologize for breaking his own ‘clean election pledge’
(HOBOKEN) 4th Ward City Council candidate Tim Occhipinti called on Michael Lenz to apologize to residents of the 4th Ward for already breaking his own “clean election pledge.” Lenz broke his own pledge, first by paying out “street money,” then waiting 8 years to file a report with the Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC). 
According to his ELEC filings, Michael Lenz paid out thousands of dollars in “street money” during his unsuccessful 2001 city council campaign. The records show more than 30 people were paid “street money” on Election Day, 2001.
According to Lenz’s pledge on “street money:” I pledge to make NO cash payments to workers on Election Day for any reason.
“This is the kind of hypocrisy that turns voters off to elections. Michael Lenz says one thing and does the complete opposite,” said Occhipinti. “A pledge is only a pledge if you intend to keep it. Michael Lenz has already broken this one.”
According to the same documents, Lenz also failed to file his ELEC report for the campaign until 2010, eight years late.
Lenz’s pledge on ELEC filing: Promote transparency by making all required Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) submissions, making every effort to meet established deadlines and promptly posting all ELEC submissions on our own website.
“In the eight years between his unsuccessful city council campaign in 2001 and his ELEC filing in 2010, Michael Lenz missed 30 ELEC report filing deadlines,” said Occhipinti. “Those are just two of the ways that Michael Lenz has violated his own so-called clean election pledge. When Michael Lenz talks about ethics, it seems he’s saying: Do as I say, not as I do.”
Occhipinti called on Lenz to put the political showmanship to rest and “apologize to the people of the 4th Ward for even proposing this cynical pledge, which he obviously never intended to keep himself.”
You can see Occhipinti’s full statement on his campaign blog:

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