Congressional Candidate Henrietta Dwyer – “Jobs here, Jobs now”

Congressional Candidate Henrietta Dwyer announces:

Henrietta Dwyer says the 13th Congressional District needs
Jobs Here.  Jobs now.
Recent statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics painted a very bleak picture on the jobs front in the 13th district. Unemployment is well above the national and state averages of 9.5% and 9.7% respectively. Unemployment in Hudson County has reached 11.5 %. In the southern end of the district in Perth Amboy unemployment stands at 17.8%.  Ms. Dwyer issued the following statement on the present situation.
“Washington told us this past summer would be a recovery summer. Instead we are seeing record jobless numbers in city after city across the district.  Those fortunate enough to still have a job, find themselves working longer and longer hours for less pay.  Congress has become a collection of career politicians more concerned with photo ops and distractions than they are with fixing this economy.”
“Washington needs to get back to basics so all of us can get back to work.  We need less scandals and more practical, down to earth, solutions to move our economy forward.  Our district needs the jobs that will only come when Congress decides to support small businesses with pro-growth policies and a clear set of rules. I want to go to Washington to end the confusion and doubt which Congress has created that is wrecking our economy.”
“Career politicians have put this country and this economy on the terrible path it is on today.  Our district and our country need a new direction.  I have an MBA from St. Peter’s and my background is in the private sector.  I know what it will take to bring jobs back and the only special interest I want to serve are the people of this district. My pledge to this district is that I will work hard, work smart and work honorably to represent you in Congress to bring our economy back.”
About Henrietta Dwyer
Ms. Dwyer was born in Jersey City, grew up in downtown Union City, and has lived in West New York for the past thirty-five years.  As a lifelong resident of Hudson County, this district is her home. She received her undergraduate, and Masters Degree from St. Peter’s College and professionally, served as the marketing director of a prestigious New York hospital. She will be campaigning in Hoboken this Sunday at the Arts & Music Festival.

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