Dominion contractor in Detroit on Election: ‘Everything that happened there was fraud’

A Dominion Voting Systems contractor testified yesterday at a Michigan oversight committee hearing and blew the doors off the election theft run out of the city of Detroit. 

Melissa Carone recounted her 27 hours working as an IT contractor for Dominion and blew the whistle publicly putting her life in danger. 

“There were batches of ballots being run through the tabulating machines numerous times, being counted eight to 10 times,” she testified. She also dropped this bomb:


Other witnesses attesting to election fraud in battleground states have been threatened and one attorney working for the Trump campaign resigned after receiving similar threats. One whistleblower working with attorney Sidney Powell is reportedly hospitalized from a politically motivated attack.

The globalist Democrat media is mostly avoiding examination of this and other relevant evidence which continues to explode across the country in the battleground states. 

Yesterday, former Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline held a press conference featuring whistleblowers. One, a man named Jesse testified he was a contractor for the US Postal Service and had a regular route from Bethpage, Long Island to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 

He testified that he trucked ballots already filled in for Joe Biden which are estimated to be between 140,000 and 288,000 based on the metrics of the truck in late October.

Across the country, legal action on behalf of President Trump are attempting to gain access to view ballots and the election systems used and are being met with opposition for a basic and cursory way at every turn.

(This video is courtesy of Rumble. The censorship is so severe with Big Tech and the DNC Media apparatus, new companies are seeing an influx of users who wish to try and not be silenced. It’s a sign of the times.)

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