MSV repeatedly assaulted on Washington Street by Beth Mason operative

Yesterday as on Friday after City Hall updates, MSV worked up Washington St. noting open businesses and stopped by 12th and Washington outside Mason “Civic” the “charity” acting as a full blown political headquarters for Move Forward, the Nazi Truck backed BoE slate.  As on the previous day, some photos were taken of the signage, nothing more.
Saturday afternoon appeared to be uneventful and with no story published here with nothing happening other than a very nice woman’s offer of coffee politely declined.
Councilwoman Beth Mason was only feet away speaking to another woman.  No questions or comments were made to her interjecting into that conversation. Photos of signage complete, the visit on the public corner was concluding quietly.
Until someone came barreling out of the political section cursing and repeatedly assaulting me with two handed strikes to the chest more severe than in a 2010 BoE forum incident with another Beth Mason political operative, Lane Bajardi.  The latter claims defamation against this website among others.

The person who came out of the political section of the “civic” association?  James Barracato.  He was joined by another Mason operative “Smitty” with both repeatedly yelling during the assaults “Get the f&%$ out of here!”

Beth Mason was silent to the loud incident standing several feet away.  The defense raised loud enough for her to hear, “Stop your political operatives from assaulting me,” was met with silence.
Nothing but utter silence.
James Barracato aka FinBoy, the longtime Beth Mason political operative twice assaulted MSV
on the street with numerous people including Beth Mason standing by several feet away.  

Talking Ed Note: One witness came over advising calm, saying they were a regular reader of this website and supported it. Thank you sir.

Also, political consultant Adam Alonso notably to his credit came over and pulled away Barracato and the other Mason operative “Smitty” who made a less than veiled threat to go to our home as he expressed awareness it had power.  His offer was less than politely declined.

Barracato returned with a camera to take pictures.  If you see it appearing on Hoboken411 packed with lies, no one will be surprised.  That’s where Mason runs her political operations and how she rolls.

MSV will have more on this story later.  Hoboken comes first.  That’s how we roll.

Beth Mason minutes after her political operatives assaults.  She stood by within feet saying nothing.

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