Mayor Zimmer on latest power going online, FEMA, updates

Minutes ago, Mayor Dawn Zimmer appeared before City Hall providing the news of power going online in additional areas of Hoboken along with ramped up efforts in coordination with FEMA and Governor Christie.   Earlier, the mayor participated in a conference call with President Obama and the Governor earlier where additional resources were being brought to bear to aid Hoboken get online further for power.

As part of the updates, the mayor addressed a number of efforts for the City of Hoboken including security, food distribution and noted tomorrow there will be some important news on efforts surrounding transportation.

City Hall continues to be abuzz with scores of volunteers numbering in the hundreds who pitch in serving the community at all levels.

Tens of thousands of MREs (Meals-Ready-to-Eat) have been brought into the City and have begun being distributed at various POD locations (listed in the story below).

Talking Ed Note: Hoboken you’re doing it!

Update: Reports of power coming on in several parts of town, areas of lower River Street and other locations but not confirmed.  PSE&G is putting out tweets that speak to some complex issues a large crew is currently working to rectify.

Hoboken Patch attended the community update and posted its story:

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