Governor Chris Christie reportedly coming to Hoboken

An unconfirmed TV news report says Governor Chris Christie will be coming to Hoboken today to survey damage from Hurricane Sandy.

The report comes after feverish efforts with added power companies from around the nation arriving to aid PSE&G’s efforts to get Hoboken fully back on line.

Additional areas have come online since yesterday after the mayor announce Marine View had power back.  Areas of midtown have power along with the Hudson Tea Building, parts of northeast Hoboken among others.  Washington Street however hasn’t been one.

Last night PSE&G worked through the night with temperatures falling into the high 30s.

Mayor Zimmer has repeatedly thanked Governor Christie for his efforts to aid Hoboken through the hurricane.  Today, she will likely get the chance to tell him in person.

He’s back?  Governor Chris Christie is reportedly coming to Hoboken.  Here he’s pictured in a 
light moment on his first trip to  Hoboken as Governor when he introduced his property tax cap in 2010.

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