Move Forward co-campaign manager John Castellano ‘Nazi truck not us but we denounce Pincus just like them’

The Hudson Reporter just got on board the Move Forward Nazi Truck Express and published the first comments on the swastika application by the moving 100 year Reich vehicle.

While it’s another denial from the other co-campaign manager, this time John Castellano not Joe Branco, the denial is not total in the language from the press release.

According to the Hudson Reporter, the release said:

“The Move Forward campaign is not responsible for the video truck or content it was playing outside of the Hoboken BOE meeting. We do not support sensationalism of that nature; however, we also do not condone Ms. Pincus’ long history of inappropriate behavior on her blog.”

Then the Move Forward slate continued with this money shot against Grafix Avenger:
(John) Castellano said Pincus should not protest the use of an image she has used.

“Our position is simple,” he said. “We denounce the bully tactics used by Ms. Pincus, and we call on Kids First to do the same.”

In case you didn’t get the message here, Move Forward is ON BOARD with the Beth Mason type scorched earth tactics repeating the attacks on Grafix Avenger using the same language.

If that’s not an admission against interest, Da Horsey doesn’t know what is.

For the record, the image is owned and copyrighted by Mile Square View not Grafix Avenger.  As far as Da Horsey knows, it’s never appeared on her website.

MSV admits the graphic was used here to point out the vile Nazi like behavior of Beth Mason’s sponsored website Hoboken411.
And darn proud of it.

Grafix Avenger was contacted by the Hudson Reporter and she cleared a statement from her lawyer but none of it was posted in their story. You can read it here:

Last, Hoboken Patch posted a tepid and weak post on the Nazi fishing expedition by the Old Guard’s Move Forward team.  Of some note though, it’s been picked up by the AOL parent company’s Huffington Post.

Yesterday, the NY Daily News was looking at the story in these parts. Not sure how much longer Beth Mason’s Nazi truck efforts will escape further scrutiny.

The Move Forward kickoff was just held and they’re making a splash with a Nazi themed truck video making the rounds gaining national attention. While John Castellano, co-campaign manager (far right) is denying responsibility for the truck and video, he and Move Forward have embraced the attacks on Grafix Avenger with the exact “denounce” language from the midnight flyer and Nazi themed video.   
Thank you Beth!

Talking Ed Note: Beth Mason has doubled down on the Nazi swastika ugly and it’s her calling the shots for Move Forward and most definitely not John Castellano with a big investment in the BoE slate. Someone authorized the use of the Nazi truck.

Condolences to the Castellano family.  (Hope you get paid enough for this when it’s all over.)
Oh and John Castellano, the Queen of Mean stole MSV’s copyright and we gotz to get paid!  Love to Terry!

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