Michael Russo lunch confidante and FBI Informant Solomon Dwek gets six years

Hoboken has been on fire with the ugly Nazi Truck scandal gaining national renown thanks to Old Guard leadership and now it’s Solomon Dwek, the FBI informant and lunch time companion of Councilman Michael Russo making the news.

Yesterday, Dwek received a six year prison sentence for his crimes in a $50 million check-kiting scheme.  The sentence puts a finishing note on Operation Bid Rig III, a scandal involving marketing human organs and garden style NJ corruption snaring over several dozen people, mostly public officials.

Solomon Dwek, the FBI informant received six years for his crimines.
In Hoboken, he discussed illicit payments with Peter Cammarano,
Michael Schaefer, Michael Russo, and Angel Alicea.
Dwek also met with Beth Mason.

A lot of Hudson County made its way into the federal sting and Michael Russo made some sterling FBI video agreeing to a series of bribes with the FBI informant.  It’s never been proven one way or another what transpired after and questions remain unanswered if Russo flipped and became a “good rat” taking an envelope of cash or a check he asked be made out to “Russo for Hoboken.”

Russo recently declined to make the banks statements public from his controversial campaign account during that period, choosing to provide a limited view to the Hudson Reporter.

But it’s Solomon Dwek’s turn to do his time and count his blessings he isn’t spending a longer spell behind the Fed’s bars.

See the Star Ledger for the full story:

Talking Ed Note: Why Russo chooses not to clear his name is anyone’s guess.  But Hoboken will always have the FBI surveillance tapes of him countering the lies he put forward about the whole sordid affair.  It was released as a direct result of MSV’s reports and means Councilman Michael Russo may be a cannibal king in the third ward, eating as much taxpayer loot in one form or another as he can get his hands on but he’ll not be running for mayor in Hoboken.  Now now, and likely not ever.

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