Mike Russo: sorry, well sorta

Mike Russo showed an uncharacteristic sheepish side tonight watching a completely packed audience dissect his every move and in the end he delivered a performance art speech worthy of a Greek tragedy except it’s Hoboken that’s the victim.

His political mea culpa consisted of losing his honorary title of VP, the title a designation he earned only last January when the midnight power grab from the end of 2010 had gone into effect.  In a surprise, it was learned during public portion Mike Russo also lost his role as chair of the Budget and Finance Subcommittee.  This only surfaced during former Councilman Mike Lenz’s remarks when he was critical of the lack of action by the council.

During his remarks, Councilwoman Beth Mason interrupted him so she could interject, “I removed him” from the role earlier.  Lenz responded by criticizing her for not performing that action in a transparent manner before the public.

We’ll have the video of Councilman Mike Russo’s remarks later but let their be no mistake; he’s damaged goods citywide but never had any intention of surrendering his seat by doing the honorable thing and resigning.  But close observers of the City Council rarely see them held accountable for their actions and one man act Shakespearean plays.

In most bizarre fashion, the censure resolution with teeth put forward by Councilwoman Carol Marsh was replaced by another last second toothless no action resolution from the Council of No, officially sponsored by Tim Occhipinti and Councilwoman Terry Castellano.  The coordination among them on who could say what and go how far in criticizing Mike Russo was the most transparency you’ll get from them until election day.

Still Da Horsey as a citizen went up and let Mike Russo know his betrayal to his neighbors, the 3rd ward and all of Hoboken is unacceptable.  One can only hope enough 3rd ward residents will register and vote in numbers to correct the obvious.

Later in the hallway, Mike Russo shared a hug with a group of supporters but an especially long one with his mother.  One could only imagine for them it was akin to seeing the family business saved by firemen who arrive just in time to keep the it from burning down to the ground.

MSV will be back with more including scenes from the protest, and video of Mike Russo trying to both apologize, dismiss and move on from his “behavior,” all in one fell swoop.

Although he and his family would like to believe he’ll be okay, that’s not altogether clear, not by a long shot.  The long shot used to be Greg Lincoln, but that’s not the case either anymore.

Talking Ed Note:  The Council of No may be split asunder based on Deep Uvula’s latest  on Grafix Avenger, but as far as the ‘majority’ vote, it’s not a dead entity.  There’s more posturing and it was evident in the hollow resolution brought removing Mike Russo from VP, but it was filled with additional political garbage attempting to tarnish other council and administration members with possibly meeting FBI informant Solomon Dwek.  It was a tremendous waste of time and utter nonsense.  It got so bad, one city employee watching who is usually indifferent blurted out it was pathetic.  MSV looked over and could only offer assent.

That fiasco of the Russogate handling will get around and most people don’t know it and many won’t say it but this election was just finalized in many ways last night.  I’d be very worried about my standing if I was on the Russo-Mason team because some of them are not going to survive the fiasco.

Nino Giacchi, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti can’t sleep easily.  They won’t right into election day.  The damage from this “show,” was that damning.

More to come…

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