Sign of the Times: The Jersey Sting and Russo Bribe video returns

Yesterday a pre-City Council meeting protest was held outside of City Hall.  The weather didn’t cooperate leading in but an MSV headcount showed 75 people were not deterred from expressing their discontent with the actions of 3rd ward Councilman Mike Russo.

Two signs at the protest yesterday.  One man has totaled the known damaged in recent years by the Russo family referencing both ex-mayor Anthony Russo and son 3rd ward councilman Mike Russo.  

Several council candidates appeared and spoke at the protest including 3rd ward council candidates Greg Lincoln and Rami Pinchevsky for the 4th ward.  6th ward candidate Jen Giattino also attended.

On the TV side, Ch. 9 and Cablevision covered the protest and the early part of the meeting featuring Mike Russo’s bid to reinvent himself.

People gather around a truck showing video of the Russo bribe FBI tapes before last night’s City Council meeting.  The truck was part of a protest held outside City Hall.

The truck even with the bad weather managed to stop people in their tracks and showed key portions of the now infamous Jersey City sit down of Mike Russo and Solomon Dwek.  The videos put to rest numerous lies the 3rd ward councilman put forward before the tapes were released late Monday.

Talking Ed Note: Additional speakers at the rally yesterday included organizer Jake Stuiver.  The Hoboken Journal’s Kurt Gardiner also spoke and MSV stepped in on behalf of Hoboken Revolt to read their statement.

MSV doesn’t even see mention of this truck that was rolling around Washington St. and then eventually parked across the street on any other local website.  It was pretty tough to miss.

Why do you think that is?

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