Grist for the Mill: Mike Russo out in Finance

A source, no where near the quality of Grafix Avenger’s Deep Uvula says Mike Russo will resign as chair of the budget and finance committee. If he wants to make it voluntary, he’ll need to move quick. Yesterday his two year marriage to Councilwoman Beth Mason ended when after more than a week of sitting quietly and uttering not a word on the revelations of his sit down with FBI informant Solomon Dwek accepting his offer of multiple illicit payments, she threw him under the Hop.

On the surveillance tapes, Russo voiced support for Beth Mason for mayor but said his support came with a price – his selection of all three council candidates on the slate and control of six votes on the nine member council.

Six votes he explained would allow him to approve development projects right in the City Council without any zoning board approval. Based on the slate of candidates many who suspected the deal felt Mike Russo was being forthright, as when he also described himself and Beth Mason as very pro-development.

Will he get the chance to announce his resignation from the subcommittee before a vote is held appears to be the only real question?

This Grist has not been double sourced as is typical.

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