Horse Sense: Media fails to tell the story on Nazi swastika in Hoboken

This week has seen some sizable traffic and much of it is centered around stories of a Nazi swastika appearing on a truck used in political attacks against reform minded council members, Kids First BoE commissioners and Hoboken satirist Grafix Avenger.

MSV has seen local and national media cover the story missing both context and basic journalistic accuracy surrounding the origins of the Nazi swastika graphic and its original usage.

The media both local and national has failed to give the proper credit for MSV’s copyrighted graphic (partial here).
MSV asks for a correction in the Hudson Reporter and Hoboken Patch stating the graphic solely appeared
here before it became a prop in a political attack on a truck this past week in Hoboken. 

The use of the swastika first appeared here in early February 2010 as part of a story lampooning the pathological lies of Hoboken411 on a mayoral press conference Perry Klaussen did not attend where Mayor Zimmer encapsulated a story of her in-law escaping the Nazis by way of Spain.

Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 pumped out a deranged screed the mayor used the Holocaust for political purposes.

It was despicable even by Hoboken411 standards, a website that has seen consistent sponsorship and unknown additional underwriting from Councilwoman Beth Mason.

MSV commissioned a local architect to create a graphic worthy of such detestable behavior.  Her name is Grafix Avenger.

There was no Grafix Avenger website when MSV used the graphic in its original story in February 2010.  This website received not one complaint in its application then or since.

The Hudson Reporter, Hoboken Patch, and the Huffington Post have all written about the use of a Nazi swastika in a dirty street campaign at best loosely connected to the campaign efforts of the Move Forward BoE slate.

At worst, it’s could be a full out coordinated effort by Councilwoman Beth Mason and her political operatives seeking revenge for the lampooning she’s received on Grafix Avenger, attacking the reform movement, council members Peter Cunningham and Jen Giattino and the Kids First campaign along with their serving members on the BoE.

MSV sent the following email to Beth Mason Wednesday morning:

What do you think about the use of the Nazi swastika being used in a Hoboken election appearing on a truck posted outside the BoE meeting last night? Do you take offense to it?
For the record, MSV owns the copyright for the use of all its material including the Nazi fisherman appearing SOLELY on this website and requests other local editors correct their reporting on this story.
The original story, “Vile Nazi-like Hoboken411” has appeared atop this homepage over months and is available at the link:

A still picture from the Nazi swastika truck video on the streets of Hoboken.  The footage appears to come from Beth Mason’s videographer “Stalker” Tim* who has been shooting video apparently focused on Grafix Avenger (l) at Hoboken Zoning Board meetings.  

Related: MSV posted an exclusive story back on Beth Mason’s “Stalker” Tim shooting video at a Hoboken Zoning Board meeting back in March.  That story is available at the link below:

* MSV spoke to Tim the first night he appeared shooting video in City Council early this year and Beth Mason’s former cameraman no longer was performing in the role.  Our conversation concerned his work shooting video and Tim other than revealing his name could not say where in Hoboken he claimed to live.  The discussion then led to his doing video work for Beth Mason and how it’s a job and nothing is wrong with it.  Several of Tim’s videos have also appeared on Hoboken411 where Beth Mason runs her political operations including a four hour deposition by Mayor Zimmer in the Bill Campbell case.

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