Media “reports” lawsuit, ignores the elephant in the room as Beth Mason skates

Times are hard when you have to make due on your husband’s annual earnings in the millions and you are a mere councilperson in Hoboken and one of the most despised people among 50,000 in town.

Your stuck buying weekly ads in the local pro-Old Guard rag week after week as your bands of political consultants, political operatives and internet blogging team are under constant fire from residents who refuse to stomach corruption and you just don’t know what to do to counter the footsteps closing from behind.

You need to buy time.  You need to figure out who else to throw under the bus but is there anyone left?  You need a distraction, but you don’t want anyone asking you the obvious questions.

Not a problem; you can count on subservient media allies.

On Monday, the Hudson Distorter did their story and one would think being a party to a million dollar SLAPP would at least earn you a one sentence comment.  That’s what journalists are suppose to do right, get to the heart of a story and hear from all the parties?

We’re still waiting.

There was no call, email or request by carrier pigeon for comment.  Instead the Hudson Reporter went to find comment from the person who Beth Mason thinks should comment – the mayor.

Which goes to show you how eager they are to serve their Old Guard paymasters.

Look who’s back.  Beth Mason’s fishy political operative is swinging for the
fences in a SLAPP for the ages, well at least in regards to Hoboken.  Hi Beth!

After the Hudson Reporter got nuked by Grafix Avenger trying to pin a Nazi YouTube parody on MSV, their editors were burning for weeks along with a Beth Mason fishy political operative who was heard screaming in the halls he didn’t get what his counte$$ paid for and there was hell to pay.

So another political operation was hatched or rather SLAPPed.

Today it’s Hoboken Patch who stepped up to the plate.  Well not exactly.  This story doesn’t seek comment from anyone just the commenters who are encouraged to comment below the story.

Except of course if you are one of those ardent Hoboken taxpayers, residents or Cake Boss visitors who is perhaps fed up with the corruption that has run rampant in the mile square unopposed by the local media.

If you are one of those commenters, maybe they really don’t want to hear from you.

For some months now, MSV has been hearing about the selective moderation going on at Hoboken Patch.  We’ve been reluctant to discuss it publicly in the hopes it would go away as one would poor editorial decisions.  But the anger has been consistently rising from reform minded commenters with what appeared to be a rather targeted process.

Some folks have said their comments were put into moderation and then after hours simply disappeared. More recently, the comments don’t disappear but languish for hours and hours and then are finally approved at dinnertime.

Comments however by those, some would say infamous Beth Mason political operatives – one quite prominent has even admitted to being paid for services rendered – well they go right up and sometimes standing all by their lonesome as the only comment for hours and hours.

What to make of it all?

Well there’s this elephant in the room:

It’s downright hilarious the measures taken to avoid asking the obvious questions about a councilwoman making a legal threat in reply to a request to make public records, well… public.

It wasn’t the only one.  Another legal threat would later come from a Mason Civic League employee.  (More on that later.)

Is there any media willing to ask the obvious questions of Beth Mason?


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