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A NJ Department of Community Affairs letter issued late March of this year details actions by the former Hoboken Construction Official Al Arezzo and outlines a conflict of interest leading to the State revoking his license.
Arezzo’s license no. 002417 as detailed in a March 28th letter was revoked due to a conflict.  The State letter details the offense writing:
...while you were employed as the Construction Official, Building Subcode Official and Building Inspector for the City of Hoboken, you obtained a member interest in Triple Minga, LLC (owner of 76-04 Monroe Street, Hoboken New Jersey).  From March, 2001 to the sale of and construction on the property in 2003, you were directly engaged in the construction/development of the property.
The letter continues, “In addition, you did not recuse yourself and the City of Hoboken construction code enforcing agency staff from construction code responsibilities on the project.  You allowed the applicant to submit the construction permit application and the construction plans to the City of Hoboken, when it was not the owner in fee of the property.  Further, you performed plan review, signed the Hoboken Plan review status form and released the construction plans for th 76-94 Monroe Street project.  You also allowed your subordinates in the enforcing agency to review and release plans for this project, in which you had member interest.”
An appeals process is explained in the State letter and it’s likely Arezzo has moved ahead with one.  In the Hudson Reporter, a story detailed comments by Arezzo’s lawyer suggesting a suspension would be overturned.
No mention was made by the lawyer or the Hudson Reporter of Arezzo’s license being revoked.
Michael Russo heads back into a City Councilman meeting.  The Construction Office is pictured rear.
Wrong again Councilman, wrong again.  Russo’s charge of employee victimization has fallen asunder.  Sorry Mikey.
Talking Ed Note: This story is going to make a bunch of folks including the Hudson Reporter, Councilman Michael Russo, Hoboken411 among others very unhappy.
Russo put forward the charge people were losing their jobs for being against the Zimmer Administration.  As it turns out, that charge is untrue and the real question is what did Michael Russo know and when did he know it?
No doubt he didn’t expect for Da Horsey to uncover this but an OPRA request to the State of NJ produced this surprising revelation.
MSV has repeatedly stated Al Arezzo isn’t coming back.  We’re still waiting to hear from Al.
Any more doubters?

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