Councilman Dave Mello: HHA redevelopment/expansion but 20/20 plan kaput

A number of other important developments in the August City Council meeting came to pass and an important one here is the subject of redevelopment in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Councilman Dave Mello announced a series of HHA board meetings with a verdict on the controversial 20/20 plan presented at the previous meeting.

Mello broke the news rather gently noting the doubling of the number of units in the wall to wall large buildings was not viable from any number of quality of life issues affecting both the HHA residents and the surrounding areas including a senior building along with all of Hoboken.

Councilman Michael Russo in a rather melancholy state with this announcement raises some issues including the impact on the previous planned expansion into the third ward and concludes with an inquiry on the impact of additional retail space.

It should be noted the Russo family has profited greatly from any number of building transactions in town and Ma “Five-bucks-a-Tow” Russo benefited enormously from the development and with government action used via eminent domain.  She is currently listed as a realtor with Riverside Realty.

Councilman Mello also noted there will be a presentation of two NJ Transit plans September 5th.  
One will be by NJ Transit and the other will be from the City.

Can you guess which one Tim Occhipinti will back?

Riverside Realty sales agent

Talking Ed Note: While the doubling of the HHA in the 20/20 plan is all but dead, there’s expansion here on the table and it’s more than 10 percent.  Councilman Mello says the overage is required to maintain the stability of housing for the existing families during the redevelopment.

It’s unclear what position the Administration has if any in the redevelopment of the federal agency but MSV will go on the record and say it opposes any expansion.  Across the United States the sizes of housing projects are being reduced to better fit into the community.

Hoboken should be following the national model.

Then of course there’s the political aspects as politicians splash money so the HHA residents can vote on paper ballots in exchange for $40 for “campaign work.”

When MSV has written about this practice, it’s been described as abusive and treating the people of the HHA like they reside on a plantation.  It’s this exploitation we’ve repeatedly decried and any review of ELEC reports in recent years demonstrates who are among the abusers.

For the record we’re pointing the finger directly at Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Mason has tried to make issue of the use of the word plantation by MSV both in a council meeting out of the blue with an attack and also earlier this spring when her stinkbreath fishy political operative FinBoy brought it to the Hudson Reporter along with a YouTube Nazi parody video.

MSV sent the reporter on the paper our work on the matter including the video confrontation with Beth Mason in City Council.  We noted this work is a proud centerpiece of our effort on behalf of all of Hoboken and is featured at the top in the exclusive feature, “City For Sale.”

That’s where the matter died.

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