Mcgato: you don’t need a math doctorate to know Hoboken411 is a zero

Commenter mcgato has some keen mathematical insights on local crime although it doesn’t appear too complex regarding the analysis of year over year on crime statistics in town.  The crime commenter buff writes:

I saw that Hate411 put up a misleading story once again about the crime stats just released by Dawn Zimmer on the city website.  As a statistician with a PhD in stats, I want to punch the wifflebrain that “sent” in that letter.  Since the police reorg occurred last October, let’s just compare year over year changes since then:

Month-Year Percent Change from Previous Year of Total Crimes Reported
Oct-10: 4.3% (increase from 94 to 98)
Nov-10: -19.8% (decrease from 86 to 69)
Dec-10: 0% (no change from 100 to 100)
Jan-11: -11.5% (decrease from 96 to 85)
Feb-11: 4.2% (increase from 71 to 74)
Mar-11: -5.0% (decrease from 101 to 96)
Total: -5.0% (decrease from 548 to 522)

If you check out the letter and the data, you can see why they used the numbers that they do.  What month in the data set has the fewest crime? March of 2008 with 57.  What month has the most?  August of 2008 with 166.  I’ll take cherry picking for $400, Alex.

Talking Ed Note: MSV wouldn’t know what’s going on with Hoboken411’s constant diatribe of hate but readers like mcgato keep us laughing from time to time.

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