Grafix Avenger source: A hit (job) is a hit but this one left fingerprints

Once again Grafix Avenger is dishing deep dare doings of things that go bump in the night from her anonymous source and this time it’s getting into rough waters on the hit job run by Hoboken411, the website in service to all smear jobs for Beth Mason.

In today’s eyeball episode, the anonymous orb reveals the financial information of 2nd ward council candidate Tom Greaney is so ancient, there’s nothing available publicly, not even a smidgen unless someone is motivated enough to go through legal channels and make a request.

GA’s source eyeball is hinting at some big revelations on the Mason411 Tom Greaney hit job.

Does anyone know if either of the Mason411 boys Perry Klaussen or Lane Bajardi recently became lawyers?  That leaves a real legal professional unknown for the moment who processed the information request to a court.

Unrelated, Beth Mason’s husband happens to be a partner in a bankruptcy firm.  When the identity of the lawyer who went to court to obtain Tom Greaney’s personal financial information from a decade and a half ago comes out, and it appears it is now only a matter of time, what ties to the Mason family will come with it?

Talking Ed Note: Personal aside to Beth Mason, why don’t you just tell us what you did?

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