Leonard Luizzi on Mike Russo Bribe Tapes: ‘Maybe he was joking’

In an interview Lenny Luizzi makes some interesting comments surrounding corruption on the specific case of Councilman Mike Russo and the bribery tapes.  Mr. Luizzi the city historian claims he watched the tape and Mike Russo did nothing wrong and did not make any promises just discussed accepting a donation, and there’s nothing wrong with accepting donations.

In the actual tape, Mike Russo provides the name of his campaign committee for $5,000 to be laundered into it with the promise that more is to follow.  The individual contribution limit for campaign donations is actually $2,600 not $10,000 plus.  (Just in case you didn’t know Mr. Luizzi.)

It’s a fascinating divide between the expectations of Hoboken people in the 21st century and the acceptance of the old, dark ways. The cultural divide here is huge as Lenny Luizzi concludes, “I don’t think Michael did anything wrong.” 

The reporter for Hudson County to her credit, puts out the question.  You have to see Mr. Luizzi’s response to believe it.  The corruption question comes at the 2:00 minute mark.

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