Mayor Zimmer’s St. Patrick’s Day Report

The Office of the Mayor announces:

Mayor Zimmer Provides Report on St. Patrick’s Day Parade
“My extreme gratitude goes out to the Hoboken Police Department, Fire Department, Office of Emergency Management, Environmental Services, Parking & Transportation Dept., and other county agencies that assisted our City with this year’s St. Patrick’s Day event,” Mayor Zimmer said. “They did an impressive job managing very large and challenging crowds to ensure residents and visitors enjoyed themselves responsibly.” This year’s event drew visitors from across the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area and beyond.
 “We sincerely appreciate the assistance we received this year from the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Rapid Deployment Task Force, the New Jersey Transit Police Department, the Port Authority Police Department, the Jersey City Police Department, Stevens Police Department, the Hudson County Sheriff’s Department, and the Hudson County Office of Emergency Management,” Mayor Zimmer said. 
This year’s event has been regarded as calmer, and somewhat more manageable than past years’ festivities.  According to Police reports provided by Chief Falco, the Hoboken Police Dept. issued a total of 463 City Ordinance summonses.  The bulk of which were for Open Container (152), Jay Walking (78), Drinking in the Street (77), Disorderly House (49), Public Urination (40) and Disorderly conduct (37). The New Jersey Transit Police Department issued 56 tickets, 52 of which were for Disorderly Conduct. The Hudson County Sheriff’s Department issued a total of 23 summonses, 18 of which were for Possession of Alcohol. 
The maximum fines set for Consumption of Alcohol/Open Container in Public, Urinating in Public and Disorderly House were set by the City Council for as much as $2,000.  Violations will also involve community service in Hoboken. 
“Compared to last year, I think we swung the pendulum in the right direction,” Mayor Zimmer said. “I think the combination of increased fines, community service, and enforcement by the Police and bar and restaurant security, coupled with an extensive communications effort helped to ensure a safer event for our community,” she commented.   “I thank Chief Falco, the City Council, and bar and restaurant owners for working to ensure this.”
The cost for the event to the City exceeded $125,000 and Mayor Zimmer fully intends to reduce these costs for next year.    “Going forward, my Administration will be introducing a special event ordinance to the Quality of Life subcommittee of the City Council to address the costs of all special events in Hoboken.”
Overtime Costs: 
                The Hoboken Police Department’s overtime costs totaled $119,442.43 (1,829.5 hours). Supervisors worked 652 hours ($54,503.49), Police Officers worked 1,130.5 hours ($61,882.76), and civilians worked 94 hours ($3,056.28). This is an increase over years past, when there was less of a police presence.     
Police Department Overtime and Costs  Supervisors:                      652 hours           $54,503.49
Police Officers:              1,130.5 hours       $61,882.76
Civilians:                             94 hours             $  3,056.28
TOTAL:                               1,829.5 hrs      $119,442.43
Summonses – Hoboken Police Department
Disorderly Conduct       38
Open Container             154
Disorderly House            51
Drinking in the Street     77
Jay Walking                       85
Littering                               9
Public Urination               41
Selling without License    9
Bar Card                                1
Rooftop                                 1
Defiant Trespass                1
Moving violation                1
Obstructing                          1
Taxi Violations                   2
Parking Violation               1
Underage Drinking            1
Criminal Trespass             3
TOTAL                                                476
Summonses – New Jersey Transit Police Department
Disorderly Conduct       52
Miscellaneous                   4
TOTAL                                                56

Summonses – Hudson County Sheriff’s Department
Disorderly House              2
Littering                               2
Disturbing the Peace        1
Poss. of Alcohol               18
TOTAL                                                23

Total number of City Ordinance summonses issued by three agencies: 555 

Update: Arrests totaled 25 but there’s no breakdown and MSV is looking for a breakdown including DWI.  

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