Mayor Zimmer asks residents help to petition for $2MM county grant

City of Hoboken announces:

City of Hoboken, March 11, 2010 – Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer is asking residents to show their support for the City’s $2 million application to the Hudson County Open Space Trust Fund to finance a portion of the restoration of the damaged sections of the waterfront walkway at Sinatra and Castle Point Parks. Last night, the Hoboken City Council approved a $12 million bond to begin the multi-step process to repair these segments of the waterfront walkway. Approval of the $2 million application is vital in helping to cover the City’s costs for the project.
Residents and visitors are asked to download sample form letters from the City’s website,, urging support of the funding. Residents and visitors of all ages are encouraged to use the sample form letters as a template to create their own communications. Letters should be sent to Mayor Zimmer’s office to be added to the grant application.
“Our waterfront walkway, parks and playing fields are among Hoboken’s greatest recreational assets,” said Mayor Zimmer. “Unfortunately, the cost to repair the damage from last year’s collapse would be an unfair and costly burden to be shouldered solely by City taxpayers. It is imperative that we receive financial relief from the County to restore and maintain our public assets.”
The collapse of the damaged sections of the walkway at 5th St., adjacent to Sinatra Park, and 7th Street, adjacent to Castle Point Park, has limited public access to the Hudson River Walkway and adjacent parkland.
The Mayor and Hoboken City Council have initiated a request to the County’s Open Space Trust Fund to finance the project. “It is important that we show public support of this application by the residents and visitors who utilize our waterfront and value this significant and historic asset,” Mayor Zimmer said.
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The link to the City website with sample letters is available at here.


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